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Our Process


An initial meeting allows you to learn about our different services and areas of expertise so that you can determine how we can help you set and achieve your financial goals and objectives.

Gather Facts to Understand Your Situation

We gather detailed information concerning your personal and financial circumstances, including qualitative and quantitative information.

Examples of qualitative (or subjective) information include your health status, life expectancy, family circumstances, values, attitudes, expectations, earnings potential, risk tolerance, goals, needs, priorities and current course of action.

Examples of quantitative (or objective) information include your current age, number of dependents, other professional advisors, income, expenses, cash flow, savings, assets, liabilities, other available resources, liquidity, taxes, employee benefits, government benefits, insurance coverage, estate plans and education and retirement account balances.

Identify and Prioritize Your Goals and Objectives

After we have analyzed your present circumstances, we will discuss with the you our findings and help you identify goals, noting the effect that selecting a particular goal may have on other goals.  We can identify and discuss reasonable assumptions and estimates.  These may include life expectancy, inflation rates, tax rates, investment returns and other parameters.

Decide on Your Strategy

We review your current course of action, including the advantages, disadvantages and whether the current course maximizes the potential for meeting your goals. Where appropriate, we consider and analyze one or more potential alternative courses of action, including advantages and disadvantages of each alternative, and whether each alternative helps maximize the potential for meeting your goals.

Implement Your Strategy 

We take the necessary steps to set the plan in motion. We rely on the expertise of our business partners in the fields of insurance and investments to help us choose the most appropriate products that will advance you toward your goals.

Monitor and Review Your Progress

Goals and priorities change throughout life. As life and needs change, so should your plan. We will meet with you annually to review your situation and make adjustments as necessary.

Our process follows the guidelines found in the “Practice Standards for the Financial Planning Process” as established by the Certified Financial Planner™ Board’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.